• Questions About the First Day of School?
    Find your answers here!
    What should I bring with me? See "Supplies List", as well as a healthy snack (peanut free, please), water bottle, and a lunch.
    Where should I go? I will meet you and everyone else in our class in the foyer. I will have a name tag on, so please look for me, as I look for you! Together, we will walk down to our classroom, which is Room 17B. 

    Where do I put my backpack and lunch? Everyone will have their own hook in the closet to hang up their backpack, coats, and lunchboxes. 
    Where is the office, lunchroom, nurse, etc.? We will take plenty of tours around the school to help remember where those important places are!
    Where is the bathroom? Unfortunately, we do not have a bathroom in the classroom. The bathroom is down the hallway right by the library. On the first day, we will take plenty of trips to the bathroom together. 

    What will we do?
      On our first day of school, we will get to know each other, our classroom, and the school. There are plenty of fun activities planned! 
    Is there snack time? Yes! Snack time will take place in the morning before lunch. 
    Do I have recess? You certainly do! After lunch, you will go outside (depending on the weather) for a 20 minute recess period. You can play various games on the blacktop. On certain days, you will have the opportunity to visit the playground! 
    Is there a "peanut free" table at lunch? Yes there is! If you have an allergy, you may sit at the peanut free table. You can even invite a friend to join you!
    What if I get really tired in the afternoon? To ensure a smooth transition to a full day of learning, we will have a 10 minute "quiet time" to give our brains a break! Quiet time includes working on unfinished work, drawing, reading to self, writing, and/or an afternoon snack. 
    How do I get to my bus/parent pick-up/etc.? I will walk and show you where you need to go. No worries!
     Please email me if you still have questions! I will be more than happy to answer any questions about the first day of school!