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    World Language Department Curriculum



    Dear Parent or Guardian:


    The World Language Department at JP Case Middle School is implementing a redesigned curriculum for grades seven and eight beginning in September 2014.   This new curriculum is based on the most recent national and state standards for foreign languages, student needs for the 21st Century, articulation and collaboration with Hunterdon Central Regional High School and its sending school districts, and research-based classroom practice.

    Why the change?

    ·         New Jersey Department of Education update of Core Curriculum Content Standards for World Languages, 2014   http://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/2014/wl/

    ·         To better prepare our students to become active citizens in a dynamic world-wide society, and to utilize their communicative language skills to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st-century global workplace.

    How is this different from previous curriculum?


    The focus has shifted from traditional to current procedure.



    Students learn about the language. Emphasis on knowing and applying grammar rules.

    Students learn to use the language. Emphasis on learner as “doer” and “creator”.

    Mostly teacher-centered class

    Student-centered with teacher as facilitator

    Communication skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) developed separately

    Focus on three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal and presentational

    Coverage of textbook

    Use of thematic units and authentic resources (newspapers, books, magazines, and products) from the target culture.

    Cultural and geographical notes

    Emphasis on the relationship among the perspectives, practices and products of the target culture.

    Special projects utilizing technology

    Integration of technology on regular basis

    Testing based on textbook content. Additional practice using workbook or worksheets (fill in the blanks, answering questions and short readings and writing tasks).

    Assessing to find out what students can do

    (applying skills and techniques to communicate effectively in the new language)



    The redesigned curriculum prepares and expects students to

    ·         engage in meaningful conversation

    ·          understand and interpret spoken and written language

    ·          present information, concepts, and ideas

    ·         gain an understanding of the perspectives of other cultures

    ·         make connections with other content areas

    ·         compare the language and culture studied with their own

    ·         participate in home and global communities.

    How will my child be assessed?

    Students will perform tasks that demonstrate knowledge and skills in ways they are applied in real life situations.


    (listening and reading)


    Includes classwork, homework, quizzes, tests

    Examples: watch a television commercial/read an ad in a Spanish/French magazine and apply skills to understand main idea and details.




    Includes classwork, homework, quizzes, tests

    Examples: Listen to and speak to peers and teacher daily in the target language/exchange written notes and apply skills to better understand and to be understood.



    (speaking and writing)


    Includes classwork, homework, quizzes, tests

    Examples: create a multimedia project and present to teacher and classmates/ leave a message for teacher on Google Voice.


    What is the goal?

    Upon completion of a two-year World Language program, students will be able to communicate at the Novice-Mid level (memorized language) in a variety of familiar topics. They will be prepared to meet the challenges of more advanced language study at the high school level.

    We are looking forward to an exciting and challenging new school year! Please, Contact your child’s World Language teacher with questions or concerns about the new curriculum or your child’s progress in class.


    Yours truly,

    The World Language Department

    JP Case Middle School