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    Robert Hunter and Copper Hill 
    Welcome to the Kindergarten Place!
     When you explore places on the Internet remember to stay safe! You would never leave your house, classroom, or school without telling an adult. TELL an adult where you are traveling on the Internet too. Click on the Online Neighborhood friends and learn how to be a good digital citizen.
    My Online Neighborhood

     Thanks to the folks at Common Sense Education!
    Remember these are some tools you need to use to explore the Internet.
    Move the mouse and look for the Hand. Click to begin your trip to an interesting and exciting place!
    Some sites open in a new tab. Look for tabs at the top of the window. Click on the name to visit the site in the tab. Click the X to close that tab.
    Go Back
    Some sites open in the same tab. To go back look for the back arrow and click.
    Visit some places that are just right for you, but don't forget to tell a trusted adult first!
    backpack  Back to School
    Magnet Fun  Magnet Fun
    elephant  San Diego Zoo
    Pumpkin  Make a Pumpkin
    fall  It is fall! Let's take a trip
    books  Reading
    Projects  Student Projects