• Copper Hill ESL 1:1 iPad Initiative

    Dear Parents,
    This year, we are working to provide a unique learning opportunity for ESL students at Copper Hill School in the Flemington Raritan School District (FRSD).  Each ESL student will receive an iPad to use as an integral part of his/her learning. Since technology plays such an important role in the lives of our students, we expect that students will use these iPads to become responsible digital citizens, collaborate as a community of learners, seamlessly use digital tools within their everyday learning, and personalize their instruction.

    We recognize that learning continues beyond the school day, so it is our intent that these iPads will travel back and forth between home and school with each student.  FRSD believes that 1:1 technology is about learning, not the device. Our goal with this iPad initiative is to help promote and enhance learning as well as better prepare students for success in and out of schools. Our instructional focus will be on teaching students how to effectively and efficiently access and use online information and digital tools. Your children have been born into a digital world and are motivated, engaged and empowered by technology. We believe it is our obligation to teach students to actively use technology in a responsible way rather than read about it and this initiative is a step in that direction.

    Irina Dmitrenko, ESL teacher
    Please click here for the Parent Letter for the Copper Hill's ESL iPad 1:1 Initiative
    Please click here  for the Copper Hill's ESL iPad 1:1 Initiative Guidelines and Policies and Student/Parent Pledge Form