•  What is Math Support?

    The most important thing we do here is making our students BELIEVE they can do the math.   We already know they can do it.  

    Math support, which is referred to as SWS, is offered during the EXCEL period of the day.  Students do not miss their regular math class to attend math support.  During this 65 minute period, fifth and sixth graders are going to music lessons, Stretch, reading support, and math support.  We typically see students on two of the six days in the rotation. 
    Students work in small groups during math support classes.  An important part of each class is a skill review called "calendar,"  it is a way to continually review essential computation skills.  We call it calendar because it is based on the numbers in today's date.
    Depending on the needs of the group at any particular time, we may be teaching concepts ahead of what is being taught in math class or reviewing important concepts that have already been covered.   Sometimes, math support lessons will focus less on what is being taught in class, and more learning how to tackle more rigorous tasks.
    We strive to give each individual student what they need.  Sometimes that means your student just needs a little extra practice, sometimes that means individually reviewing concepts, and sometimes that means persevering through a tough problem for a few classes.
    Our favorite thing to say in this classroom is, " You CAN  do it.  We can help! "