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    Robert Hunter and Copper Hill 
    Decorah Eagles
    Decorah Eagles' nest is located near a farm in Decorah, Iowa. The Decorah Fish Hatchery is across the road. Smart eagles building a nest so close to food. It was built in a cottonwood tree. 
    decorah  mom and dad  egg sitting  
    2015 Happenings
    The folks watching the Decorah eagle nest report that the eagles are back getting the nest ready for this year's brood. The weather has been a bit warmer than usual so nesting could begin sooner. I caught one, then, both of them on the nest this afternoon. In the screen shots look carefully inside the nest. They brought something into the nest that I recognized. It is light tan. Can you guess what it could be? Let me know your thoughts. It was a windy day in Iowa too. Look at the head feathers blowing. Looks like a bad hair day!
    eagle   eagles
    2014 Eggs and Nest
    All three eggs have hatched. Here is a close-up of one sleepy eaglet. 
    And another waking up for a snack.
    hello   snack please  awake   two
    Mama and two of her eaglets. 
    mama   family
    The eaglets are growing. They are about 1 week younger than the Duke Farms eaglets this year.
    napping   napping  And bigger! bigger