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    Each Reading Workshop session will begin with a mini-lesson that lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. Each mini-lesson will focus on a reading strategy. All of the reading strategies will help prepare the students for a life long love of reading.  Most strategies will be studied over the course of a week. 

    Reading Time

    Independent Reading:  The students read independently for about 45 minutes to an hour.  During independent reading time, the students should practice the skill that they learned from the mini-lesson.

    Reading Response Notebooks:  The students write in their readers notebook during their reading independent time.  In this time, students will read and write all about their reading.

    Guided Reading:  I meet with a small group of students.  We read a book together and practice different reading strategies. 

    Conferring with Students:  I meet with individual students to assess their progress.


    Students use their Reader's Notebooks to:

    ●Record books they've read

    ●Keep track of the genres they are reading

    ●List books they would like to read in the future

    ●Write about what they are reading and things they have learned about their reading

    ●Prepare for Guided Reading and Literature Circles

    Learn more about the weekly ELA strategies that are taught.

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