Classroom Policies


    Homework Policy

    Homework will be given every Monday and due every Wednesday.  It will also be given every Wednesday and due every Friday of school.  Homework must be turned in on the assigned date in order to receive full credit.  Homework should be completed neatly and show that you put in an appropriate amount of thought and effort into completing the assignment.  If you miss a homework assignment, you may hand it in late and receive full credit.  Remember, it is always better to hand in an assignment late than never to hand it in at all!

    If there are extenuating circumstances which prevent you from completing an assignment on time, please have your parent or guardian e-mail me.  I understand that unexpected things come up from time to time, and that families are busy.


    Absentee Policy

    When you return to school after being absent, please visit our "While you were out..." bulletin board to receive your packet of all of the materials and homework you may have missed.  Please visit me during Homeroom or Excel time to review troubling concepts and receive extra help.  Together, we will work out a reasonable schedule for you to make up any missed work.