• Ready for "S'more" Learning!
    December 2020
    Morning Meeting: We will continue to build our class community through our daily greetings, sharing, and our poetry activities.
    Math: Students will continue to learn about how multiplication facts can be used to solve related division facts.  Students will also learn about patterns in multiplication and division.  
    Reader's Workshop: In December, we will begin our new nonfiction reading unit, "Reading to Learn." Students will learn how to use nonfiction text features to help them learn from an informational text.  Students will also learn how to identify the main idea and supporting details of part of an expository nonfiction text.  This information will help students to be able to summarize what they learned.
    Writer's Workshop: We will begin our new unit, "The Art of Informational Writing."  Students will consider ideas for topics that they consider themselves an expert about.  Students will choose a topic that they think they can teach others about and will think about organizing their writing into chapters in order to help others learn. 
    Word Study: Students will continue to practice Word Study routines that will help them learn more about the words and patterns that we are studying.