racc Welcome 
    Robert Hunter and Copper Hill 


    These links will take you to websites created by other people. You will be leaving the page created by Mrs. Cook. Be sure you have permission from a trusted adult to explore and that they are with you. Remember our Cyber Safety Rules: Never explore the Internet alone. AND Never talk to strangers.

    Storyline Listen to and read with famous actors and actresses as they read books to you. When you are done reading, do the activities too.
    I'm Reading A library full of classic stories to read for the first time or to read again and again. If you get stuck on a word, you can point to it with your mouse and hear someone read it. 
    StoryBird is an online writing site. The writing is inspired by art. As a member you can create your own stories using artwork from many artists. You pick the art first and find the story hidden in the pictures. 
    Read a story, then test how well you know what you read. When you finish one, use your back button to go back to the main site to choose another. Have fun reading and learning! 
    Highlights is a magazine for children that has been around since I was a child! Now they are online! Read, listen, play, and make things. Don't forget to get permission from a trusted adult when you do online activities.