Physical Education at Robert Hunter

  • Physical education classes at Robert Hunter provide students with safe opportunities to engage in age-appropriate activities to develop physically, socially, mentally and emotionally. While developing fine and gross motor skills, students practice social and cooperative behaviors while allowing students to do their best through competition and using positive coaching.

    How often do students receive physical education?

    In our six-day cycle, students in Kindergarten, third and fourth grades have two 45-minute classes. First and second grade students have three 45-minute classes per six-day cycle.


    What are some physical education activities and sports at Robert Hunter?

    • Recess Games
    • Basic Sport Skills (soccer, football, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, pillo polo/floor hockey, Frisbee, softball, golf)
    • Manipulative Skills (hopping, jumping, skipping, galloping, sliding, running, power walking, etc.)
    • Climbing Wall Activities - Vertically
    • Field Day Activities
    • Jump Rope Skills
    • Dance
    • Gymnastics/Tumbling
    • And much more!

    How can you help your child succeed in Physical Education?

    1. Know what days your child has PE class and be sure your child is prepared wearing fitted sneakers and comfortable clothing.

    2. Be active at home. Take walks, play catch, dance, ride a bike, play hopscotch, play DDR together.  These are wonderful ways to involve your child in activities while having fun.

    3. Support your child in participating in after-school activities. There are a number of opportunities here in Flemington for soccer, basketball, football, martial arts, softball/baseball, swimming, etc.

    3. Write medical excuses whenever your child is unable to participate in any part or all of a p.e. class. Notes coming into school with your child will be sent with the morning folder to the office so we can then be alerted.  We can also be emailed directly.





Last Modified on November 8, 2022