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    Hour of Code
    K-2 students in FRSD have begun a unit to learn about and try their hand at coding. The unit is designed to introduce young students to new vocabulary and give them an idea of what coding is all about. We are joining many other students worldwide in learning how to code! Students will also try coding by using the sites below. Thanks to Hour of Code for all you are doing for students around the world! Click on the Hour of Code link. Can you find our schools on the map?
    Click on the link to the activity. Choose Play without Saving and Play at School
    1st Grade
    Remember our Algorithm practice. Now try these fun activities. 
    2nd Grade
    Other Fun Coding Challenges

    If you would like to explore more coding activities at home with your family, try the activities on these pages. Some are very challenging and made for older students. You may need an adult's help. Remember to choose an activity that is "just right for you". 

    Learn more about Hour of Code. See all the schools who will participate, and see if you can find YOUR school on the map.