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    Many families across the United States celebrate Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of November. Most people in the US think of the first Thanksgiving back in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts with the pilgrims. How much do you know about that celebration? The second graders tested their knowledge by completing a survey, then read about it, and tested themselves again to see what they learned. Second graders are learning how to read to find information and how to check the facts. Here are the survey results:
    Robert Hunter 2018
     Before Research  After Research
    RH1  RHP1
    RH2  RHP2
    RH3  RHP3
    RH4 RHP4  
     RH5 RHP5  
    Copper Hill 2018
     Before Research 
     After Research
    one winter  
    parade  tv
    play  play
     celebrate celebrate  
     menu  menu
    Test yourself by clicking on the survey link below.
    Check yourself and learn more about that "First" Thanksgiving