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    Have you ever heard of blogging? Do you know what it is all about? Reading a blog is like reading a page in someone's journal. Only on a blog, the author invites you to respond and may even ask you questions about what you read. You can also ask the author questions. Google Classroom can be a safe place where students can share information about many different topics. Second grade students will learn more about blogging and commenting this year in computer literacy class,  and will have a chance to visit the blog sites at home with family.
    Bloggers write about things they know best and enjoy doing. Mrs. Cook blogs about nature. I combine writing with my hobby, photography to teach others more about the natural world. Nature's Window
    In April of 2015, Mr. Jim Wright, photographer, writer, and blogger, visited one of the 4th grade classes. He wanted to see how the 4th graders were using live cams (like the live Bald Eagle cam at Duke Farms) as a blog subject. You can read about it yourself in his new eBook. His book is very interesting. Be sure to click back to the beginning to read the entire book.

    When you are responding to a blog, it is important to remember to use good Cyber Safety rules and practice good Digital Citizenship. Here are some important rules to follow:

    1. Make sure your parents or a trusted adult knows which blogs you are following and approves all comments BEFORE you post them.

    2. Never use your first and last name when communicating on the Internet. Use a screen name instead. Never give out any personal information about yourself or others, that is private.

    3. Practice good "Netiquette" (online manners). Remember to be respectful especially if you do not agree with the author. You are a guest on their site. Give examples that support your side of the conversation.

    4. Write using complete sentences, correct spelling, and punctuation. You want people to understand what you are saying. To be clear in who you are responding to, begin your comment with the user's name.

    5. If you ever read a post or comment that makes you uncomfortable, tell a parent or trusted adult immediately. 
    Remember that when you blog, you must be a good Digital Citizen!  Don't forget to THINK!

    Mrs. Cook's Talk to Me A blog with nature themes. Use this one at home with your family.