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    Duke Farms Live Cam  Hillsborough, NJ 
    Mrs. Cook's Blog - see what is new with the Duke Farms Eagles 
    After attending a workshop at Duke Farms in January of 2015, I learned of a contest for teachers. Duke Farms and Conserve Wildlife of NJ asked teachers to create and submit a lesson plan using the live cam. One teacher would be chosen to attend and participant in the spring 2015 banding. I won! It was truly an amazing experience. I assisted the state biologists by holding one of the eaglets while they measured and banded. I will never forget the feel of her heartbeat and soft downy feathers under my fingers. I can't thank both organizations enough for the opportunity of a lifetime!
    Mrs. Cook's banding video 
    Duke Farms eaglets Banding Video 2014
    I made a video of the 2014 banding of the eaglets on the blog page. Be sure to stop by and see it listed under May 13. Leave a comment if you see something too!
    January 2013  fog   eagle   eagle  
    February 2013 pair  close up  
    April 2013       shade  family
    May 17, 2013   exercising   growing  
    I used to wonder how to tell the male and female eagle apart. When they are together in the nest it can be a bit easier because the female are usually bigger than the male. It is tricky when only one is seen. The folks at the Decorah eagle cam posted a video on You Tube to help you learn. They are using pictures of their eagles, but you can use this information when looking at other eagles too. Male or Female Eagle, how to tell video.
    Raptor Resource Project
    This is the home of the Decorah Ealges. They have lots of other live cams too! Remember this is a camera watching live animals. Students, a trusted adult should know you are watching and has given permission for you to do so.
    Ozzie and Harriet are a pair of bald eagles nesting on a busy street corner in Florida. This link will take you to a business in Florida that hosts the live cam. Scroll below the camera to read lots of facts about these eagles. Be careful not to click on the many ads on this web page. Get help from an adult if you do by accident. Don't forget to get permission from an adult to explore the Internet. Be a safe and smart Digital Citizen!
    Hanover Bald Eagles live and nest in Pennsylvannia. Enjoy watching and remember to stick to sites just right for you! Cam 
    See more live cams of others birds. Visit the live cams of Cornell Ornithology.
    What really goes on at the backyard bird feeder? Do all the birds get along? Find out by reading this Blog, and watch the great videos from Cornell Ornithology.  
     How big can a bald eagle's nest get? See it here on the Conserve Wildlife of NJ's blog.
    How much do you know about bald eagles? Take this quiz to find out. 
    I first found out about when he was just a cub. Siku is a grown polar bear now, living in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Northern Denmark. Siku means "sea ice". Sea ice is very important to the wild polar bear since this is where they hunt. Without they will starve. He was born in November of 2011. Keepers took him from his mother since she was not able to produce enough milk to keep him alive. He was bottle fed by keepers and when he turned 2 years old, he was moved to a large open air space. His younger brother, Nanu, sister, Nuno, and mother, Ilka are all living together in the open air space.  How can you tell who is who when watching the bears? Find the answers to that and other information about the bear family here. When the cam is not operating, you can watch videos of what you missed that day. Thanks Mrs. K for sharing the web site! Students, a trusted adult should be with you whenever you visit the Internet.
     siku siku2 siku3 siku4
    November 19, 2012
    Siku has grown lots since I took the first screen shot photos last year.
     sleeping  log
    April 23, 2013
    Siku is now 1 1/2 years old. There is exciting news about him too. He has a new friend - another polar bear named Smilla. Siku also has new siblings. His mother gave birth to 2 new cubs and she is taking care of them just fine. You can read more about them by reading the blog from one of Siku's caretakers.
    sunning  sleepy  paw
    May 17, 2013
    Just a lazy day in the sun for Siku. Look at that paw! 
    Twin Polar Bear Cubs  The Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark (home to Siku) now has 2 new additions. Siku's mother,  Ilka, had twins born in November 2012. Siku is now a big brother. 
    family  napping  twins  playing  Ilka
    Live Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
    Each year wild polar bears gather around the town of Churchill in northern Canada. Churchill is a town on the edge of Hudson Bay. The bears are waiting for the ice to form so they can begin their winter hunting and feeding. To educate people about polar bears, Churchill offers guided trips out to the tundra to watch them. You can visit for the day or even spend a few nights in a tundra buggy. My parents did this trip once. They spent a few nights out on the tundra watching the bears. Dad took some great photos! You can watch them live by watching this live cam. Remember you are watching live and WILD bears doing what they do naturally. Students, a trusted adult should be with you whenever you visit the Internet.

    International Space Station- You can see when ISS will be flying over your house by visiting this site from NASA. Click on the link above and look for "See the Station in the Sky". (Right side of the page.) Click on "Track the Station" and a new window will open. Find Go to this Country (it will be set to the US). Then find and click on the town closest to you. It will list dates, times, direction, and how high in the sky you should look. I saw - it is one of the brightest things in the night sky. It looks like a plane but the light does NOT blink. It is bright and steady. Enjoy!