• Computer Aps  New Aps to Help Your Student!

    Just recently (July 8, 2016) I viewed a Webinar on the website, "Understood," that caters to students with learning disabilities.  I noted the following aps that I thought might be useful for some of my students.  These are aps that can be used on an IOS (Apple) system, although some can be used on Android systems, as well.  The aps included:

    • Claro Scan Pen ($6.99 at the time) - You can take pictures of texts, and the ap will read the text out loud for you (text to speech function).
    • Voice Dream Reader ($9,99 at the time) - This ap syncs with "Bookshare" ap.  It has a text to speech function.  It can also adjust character spacing, making it easier for the reader to read.  Additionally, this ap has a screen masking feature which concentrates on a line of text, instead of the whole page, making it easier for the distracted reader to focus.
    • Co-Writer Universal ($4.99/month at the time) - This ap acts as an individual word processor with word predictions, meaning that based on what the writer is typing, the program will predict the word that is coming next, making word processing easier for the student who has difficulty with spelling.
    • Whink ($0.99 at the time) - This is a note-taking application that is multisensory.  The student can add images, text boxes, tags, and best of all, the student can add audio notes.
    • Squid - This is an Android ap that provides the ability to take audio notes.

    **Google Keep - I have to learn more about this one!  You can set Google Keep up on a chrome book.  It is like a virtual refrigerator door and is good for someone who needs to remember and organize their activities/studies.  You can add a "to do" list or reminders.

    I am not an expert in aps, but I do think that the newer ones will help students who have difficulties with reading and writing.  As I hear about newer aps that I think could help my students, I will add to the list.