• Science Grades 6 - 8

    IQWST Science Program

    IQWST materials align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), are established in principles of project-based scientific inquiry, focus on explaining phenomena by engaging in scientific practices blended with disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts. IQWST also infuses research-based practices to promote students’ science and science literacy learning. The program for grades 6-8 includes physical science, earth science, life science, and chemistry instruction to build upon students’ prior knowledge and experiences in the real world, and to build understanding from unit to unit both within and across the middle school years. Students learn complex scientific ideas by engaging in the NGSS scientific practices that include construction and using models, constructing scientific explanations, engaging in argumentation with evidence, analyzing and interpreting data gathered either from students' own investigations or captured within complex data sets, and presenting and evaluating ideas.


    Online Resources

    IQWST Student Portal - Online Portal for students to access digital materials associated with IQWST. 
Last Modified on February 22, 2018