Welcome Letter for Parents

  • Dear Parents,

    Your child has qualified for entrance into the Gifted and Talented Math program in the Flemington-Raritan School District.  Here are some details to help you become acquainted with our policies and program:

    • This is a replacement math program.  Your child will be coming to the G&T Math room during the time that the grade levels have their math class. The G&T math students will not be missing any grade level studies.
    • Your child will be using materials that are one year above their current grade level.
    • Any mathematical concepts your child has missed, due to advanced placement, will be integrated into this year’s instruction.
    • G&T Math students will be assigned homework nightly, including weekends.
    • Your child will be expected to complete various problem solving enrichment activities.
    • To be successful in the program your child will be expected to maintain a minimum of an 85% average.


    Below is a list of materials that are needed for class:

    Students will need to bring to class daily:

    • Spiral notebook or thin binder for notes from class (NFC)
    • Plastic insert to hold small items- pencil case (Optional)
    • Pencils and erasers

    Students will need to purchase the following supplies to keep at home:

    • Protractor
    • Calculator (in class model used - TI 15 Math Explorer), or any scientific calculator
    • Ruler (customary and metric measures)
    • Pencils and erasers

    A box of tissues for the class would be greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to an exciting year working with your child.


    Michele Tonge

    Teacher of Gifted & Talented Math