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    July 2023 – June 2024 Goals

    Board Goals

    • Goal 1: Participate in more training to understand the roles of the Superintendent versus the Board.
    • Goal 2: Adhere to board norms and operations, monitoring progress throughout the year.
    • Goal 3: Invite stakeholders from all schools, PTOs, and the community to be recognized at public meetings.

    District Goals

    • Goal 1: The District will establish an ad hoc "Rigorous Learning Committee" with the task of developing strategies needed to achieve rigorous learning, which will in turn be shared with the school communities.
    • Goal 2: The District will create a long-range facility plan and financially prepare to implement the plan. 
    • Goal 3: The District will target opportunities for increasing revenue to the District through alternative methods other than tax increases on the public community (i.e. application to grants and increasing revenues through facility rentals). 
Last Modified on September 1, 2023