• Speech Homework 


    Listed below are some speech-Language activities and apps that you and your child can use at home.  This list of homework activities will help to strengthen your child’s expressive and receptive language skills.  Have fun!! 


    • Ask your child to compare objects to find the attributes they have in common.  Talk about how these similar things are different from one another. 
    • List members of a category but include some that belong to other categories.  See if your child can pick out those that don’t belong.  Have him/her explain why. 
    • Work on synonyms with your child.  While you are in the car, grocery shopping, eating dinner, etc., show your child a simple sentence and see if they can replace a word with its synonym (e.g., My friend was surprised.  Your child can replace surprised with amazed, shocked, stunned).  
    • Help your child change the words in his/her favorite songs (synonyms, antonyms). 
    • Re-title books or newspaper headlines using synonyms and antonyms. 
    • Solve jokes and riddles and discuss why they are funny.   
    • Read familiar books, poems, and rhymes.  As you read, replace words with their opposites. 
    • Play games like Pictionary or Charades using multiple-meaning words.  Once a word is guessed, discuss other clues your child could have used to get them to come up with a different meaning of the word. 
    • Watch a movie together.  At the end of the movie, have your child tell you in one sentence what the movie was about.  Have him/her write the sentence on a piece of paper.  Then have your child write the details from the movie to support his/her answer.  Do the details support the main idea? 
    • Tell a story and ask questions about what was said. 
    • Ask questions about a recently watched TV show. 


     Jeanne Bartley M.A., CCC-SLP
     Speech-Language Pathologist