• Mathematics


    “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”


    The mathematics program aims to provide students with the mathematics skills, understanding, and attitudes that they will need to be successful in their daily lives and future careers. Students will work to develop proficiency in reasoning, problem solving, collaborating, and communicating about mathematics while building their conceptual understanding, procedural, and analytical skills.


    Beginning in September 2023, the Kindergarten through 3rd grade mathematics curriculum is implemented through the Bridges in Mathematics program (from The Math Learning Center).  In grades 4 - 6, the enVision Math 2.0 program is utilized for mathematics instruction and providing guided and independent practice. Students in accelerated programs in grade 6, as well as all students in grades 7 and 8, use the Big Ideas mathematics program.  This program is used to provide classroom activities and exercises to review the mathematics content. These programs are structured to provide a developmental spiral of mathematical concepts and skills. All levels of the curriculum emphasize the development of math fact fluency and its application to real world situations. Math instruction includes the use of manipulatives, as well as technology tools (such as calculators and computers) when appropriate. The curriculum and materials used are consistent with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics.

    K-8 Mathematics Scope and Sequence



    Common mathematics course pathways are illustrated above.  Additional information regarding accelerated mathematics courses can be found under the "Gifted and Talented Mathematics Program" section of the website.


Last Modified on October 28, 2023