• Science Safety
    Middle school science consists of engaging topics for students to investigate in a lab setting. However, any science activity may have potential safety issues if not conducted properly. Safety in the science classroom is an important part of the scientific process. To ensure a safe learning environment, a list of rules has been developed and discussed with all students because science rules must be followed at all times.

    1.    Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all time in the science room.
    2.    Follow instructions carefully. Ask questions if you do not understand the instructions.
    3.    Use equipment (e.g., scissors and sharp items) only as directed by the teacher.
    4.    Perform only approved experiments.
    5.    Never eat, drink, chew gum or taste anything in the science lab.
    6.    Keep hands away from faces, eyes and mouth while using science materials. Wash your hands with soap and water after an activity.
    7.    Wear safety goggles when instructed. Never remove safety goggles during an experiment. There are no exceptions to this rule!
    8.    Clean all work areas and equipment, and dispose properly of any waste materials.
    9.    Report any accidents (spill, breakage, and so on), injury, or broken equipment to the teacher immediately.