• What is Speech-Language Services?


    Students who are found eligible for Speech-language services may need help in the areas of articulation/phonology, fluency, voice or language development.


    Articulation is the production of speech sounds.  Speech sound disorders can include:

    ·         Substitutions: Saying one sound in place of another, i.e., “tat"” for “cat.”

    ·         Distortions: The speech sound just doesn’t sound right, i.e., saying, “caw” for “car.”

    ·         Omissions: Sounds are left out of words, i.e., saying, “__is” for “this.”

    Fluency, commonly known as stuttering, refers to how smoothly sounds and words are produced.

    Voice refers to the rate, volume and pitch and quality of a student’s voice, relative to his/her age and gender.

    Language development includes receptive language (what we understand) and expressive language (what we say).  Syntax and semantics are areas of language development, as well as pragmatics, which is social language.