Contact Information

  • In an effort to control SPAM, our district no longer provides direct links to staff e-mail accounts.
    To e-mail employees, please use the E-mail ID noted below and add 
    Anyone who witnesses or learns of an act of harassment, intimidation or bullying should contact the building principal as soon as possible after they have learned of the act.
    District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
    Jessica Braynor, Vice Principal
    Robert Hunter School
    (908) 284-7620 
    E-mail ID: jbraynor
    Anti-Bullying Specialists
    Gina Collins Counselor Barley Sheaf
       E-mail ID: gcollins
    Rebecca Moeri Counselor Copper Hill     E-mail ID: cmoeri
    Mary Pepe Counselor Francis A. Desmares      E-mail ID: mpepe
    Sarah Fontanez Counselor Robert Hunter     E-mail ID: sfontane
    Lindsay John Counselor Reading-Fleming 
       E-mail ID: ljohn  
    Heather Albanese Counselor Reading-Fleming     E-mail ID: halbanes
    Colette Baills Counselor J.P. Case 
       E-mail ID: cbaills
    Amy Sinisgalli Counselor J.P. Case     E-mail ID: asinisga