• Summer Practice

    • Six small ways to support any child who struggles with writing without requiring him/her to sit down to physically write daily...
      • Tell stories- oral storytelling is very important for young children.  It is important to not only tell stories to your child but to also engage his/her in telling stories as well.  Storytelling is fun to do while in the car, hiking, before bed, while eating, etc...
      • Record your child's stories then read his/her words back.  Afterwards, ask him/her if he/she used the most specific words?  Help your child find one or two places that he/she could use more specific words and insert them. 
      • Make lists together- shopping lists, to do lists, guest lists, etc...  You might find your child taking over the list writing!
      • Reflect on outings through art and writing...sketch paintings and/or sculptures, draw a picture of what you learned, your favorite part, etc...  Adult your child could right a reflection of the outing.
      • Write cards and/or letters.
      • Build on oral stories by writing them down - your child can write down a story that was told to him/her.  Your child can say/sketch/write the story that was told to him/her or create a different version.  
    • Summer Writing BINGO