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    Sometimes children are born with, or later develop conditions that might delay their development, such as: talking, moving, learning or behaving.  If you or someone you know has an infant or toddler with a suspected or known developmental delay or disability, contact the Flemington-Raritan Regional School District at 908-284-7680, or Project CHILD FIND at 1-800-322-8174.  


    There is help for families, children are all different.  Seldom do they do the same thing at exactly the same age.  Families who have concerns about their child's development should consult with their pediatrician, primary care physician, county health clinic or their count-based Special Child Health Services (SCHS) case management unit.


    What will Early Intervention do?

    The first step...When you contact the SCHS county-based case coordinator is available to offer assistance and provide  information about entry into the early intervention system.  Once you decide to participate in the statewide early intervention system, a service coordinator will schedule an evaluation for your child.  When the evaluation process is completed, and if your child is determined eligible, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed.  The team that develps the IFSP includes you and other family members that you request, your service coordinator, and at least one of the professionals who took part in the evaluation process and has expertise in child development.  The IFSP is an individualized plan for services that will meet the needs of your child and family.


    The ultimate goal for early intervention services is to maximize each child's potential to lead a full productive life with their family and within their own community.  Early intervention services can be provided in the places most natural to your family, including your home, your childs's day care center, a doctor's office, play groups or an early childhood program center.


    If your child is not determined eligible for early intervention services, the service coordinator will help you to identify needed community resources and supports.  They will also work with you to obtain the needed services or future re-evaluations if appropriate.


    In order for you and your family to receive appropriate support, you need to share information about your concerns with the service coordinator.  It may take time for you to feel comfortable and trust professionals who will be intimately involved with you and your family, but remember, confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.


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