• Welcome to Algebra
    Below is a list of supplies needed for this class.
    2 Inch or 3 Inch Binder
    2 Packets of Loose Leaf Lined Paper
    1 Packet of Graph Paper 
    Calculator (TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator)**
    1 or 2 colored Pens for corrections
    1 '4-Pack' of Dry Erase Markers
    Straight Edge Ruler
    Student Journal (provided by Ms. Hering) 
    Planner (if desired) 
    Chromebook/Charger (provided by the school)
    ** There are many versions of graphing calculators out there. The most "up-to-date" version is the TI-84. This calculator will be sufficient for use through middle school, high school, and college math classes. The TI-84 Plus C calculator is the TI-84 Plus with color capabilities. The TI-84 Plus CE is a slimmer version of the TI-84 Plus C. Any of these calculators are sufficient.