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    Welcome to 
    Ms. Davis' 5th Grade English Language Arts/Social Studies Website
    Team 5A
     E-mail ID: ddavis1
    Welcome to fifth grade and Team 5A my friends!
    The focus for this year, is to build strong readers, writers and thinkers. And through all three, we will change and grow together as a
    community of learners.
    Albert Einstein once said:
    "If you want intelligent children read them fairy tales, if you want really intelligent children read them
    a lot of fairy tales."
    "Children who love reading and see themselves as readers are the most successful in school
    and have the greatest opportunities in life."
     ~ from the Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller
      "No player in the NBA was born wanting to play basketball. The desire to play ball or to read
    must be planted. The last 25 years of research show that reading aloud to a child is the oldest,
    least expensive and must successful method of instilling that desire. Shooting baskets with a
    child creates a basketball player, reading to a child creates a reader."
    ~ Jim Trelease
    Because literature has the power...
    to make us more human, to help us see the world from inside the skin of persons very
    different from ourselves; to live more lives than the one we have; to try on various roles.
    to develop compassion and insight into the behavior of ourselves and others
    (through characters so real that the reader lives and suffers and rejoices with them).
    to show us the past in a way that helps us understand the present.
    to move us in ways that facts, statistics, and history texts can never do (or rarely do).
    to develop the imagination; to help us entertain ideas we never could have had; to interpret
    and translate our experiences, to shape our world, and to enlarge our imaginations.
    to take us out of ourselves and return us to ourselves as a changed self; to enlarge our thinking
    while educating our hearts.
    Huck, C.S. (1987), "To know the place for the first time." The Best of the Bulletin. Children's Literature Assembly/National Council of Teachers of English.