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    Mrs. Audrey Spies

    Instrumental Music Teacher, 5th and 6th Gr. Bands
    Email ID: aspies
    Voicemail: 908-284-7650 Mailbox: #6018
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    NJPAC Feb 2012  
    Music! Be a part of it!
     Tuba Reeds trumpet


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    Welcome to Mrs. Spies' Homepage!   


    ...and welcome to the beginning of your musical journey! Learning an instrument is fun and rewarding. With practice and perseverance, you will enjoy playing music for family and friends for a very long time. You will also develop lifetime friendships with other musicians as you attend music rehearsals, competitions, sporting events, trips and concerts!

    Studying an instrument at RFIS; Expectations:

    Studying an instrument at RFIS allows students to take music lessons during the school day. Along with the fun of playing an instrument, it also requires the commitment to practice regularly and being responsible. It is a commitment to yourself and your classmates because band members depend on each other for the band’s success.

    In order to continue the music excellence that RFIS is known for, students are expected to:

    1) BE  RESPONSIBLEComing prepared with your instrument and music on your lesson and band day.

    2) PRACTICE: your homework is to practice regularly. It is absolutely necessary for success; 4-5 days a week is ideal. Use the practice methods taught in lessons and you will see great progress! Schedule your practice time just like you schedule your other homework.

    3) BE  RESPECTFUL: of your peers, your teachers and your equipment.

    Trombone Lady

    Good luck! And remember, all the music teachers are here to help you in your musical journey!

        Thanks for all your support! See you at the concert!

    Mrs. Spies




    Mrs. Spies