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    Name: Christi Humphrey
    Email Address: chumphre@frsd.k12.nj.us
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    Tonight's Homework: 


    Future Assignments/Assessments

    **Bring a DEAR book and earbuds everyday and charge Chromebook every night**
     * Guidelines for Graded Classwork Multiple Choice Corrections
    1. Do not erase original answers
    2.  On lined paper, number your question and then write your new answer.  Explain why your new answer is correct.
             ---Explanation Must----
                      --be in complete sentences
                      --use textual evidence (direct quote) and give an explanation.  Reference a dictionary for vocabulary words. 
                      --explain why your answer is correct, not why the others are incorrect
    1. go to  scope.scholastic.com 
    2. sign in as a student and enter the class code: foxmint5