Welcome to Ms. Soccolich's Homepage

    Name: Ms. Soccolich
    Email Address: esoccoli@frsd.k12.nj.us
    Phone Number: 284-7650

    To find your homework for ALL Classes....go to Mr. Jones' web page!
    Sixth Grade Math (Blocks 3 and 5)
    • Students will need a spiral notebook for math class (3 to 5 subject is preferable, as we take a lot of notes!)
    • Absent students or students who need extra help should watch Virtual Nerd videos on the Pearson Realize website at home
    • Reminder - students are always welcome to see me during Excel (Block 1) for extra help


    Block 2 (Accelerated Math/Pre-Algebra)

    • Students will need a spiral notebook (3 to 5 subjects is preferable!)
    • Reminder: students on the Accelerated Track are expected to maintain an average of 85% for each trimester