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    Name: Ms. Soccolich
    Email Address: esoccoli@frsd.k12.nj.us
    Phone Number: 284-7650

     Please read below for what's going on in your math class for the week of March 18:
    Sixth Grade Math (Blocks 2 and 3) 
    • Grades for the Topic 5 Quiz are now posted - please check online for your grade!
    • This week in class we will finish lessons 5.7 5.8, an 5.9 (Continue Rates and Unit Rates)
    • Note, the Topic 5 Test is coming up next week!
    • Reminder - students are always welcome to see me in tutorial for extra help

    Homework for Blocks 2 & 3 is:

    Monday- 5.7 Lesson Quiz (online)

    Tuesday - 12.2 Reteach Worksheet (Fraction Division Review)

    Wednesday - 5.8 Math XL (online)

    Thursday - none (Assembly tomorrow)

    Friday - none


    Block 4 (Accelerated Math)

    • Grades for the Ch. 13 Quiz are now posted - please check online for your grade!
    • Grades for the Midyear are now posted - please check online for your grade
    • The Ch. 13 TEST is tentatively planned for this Friday but may be moved ahead to Monday (based on class progress this week)
    • Please note, Chapter 13 is a very difficult chapter, we are taking good notes in our math notebooks, students should be STUDYING the notes and Guided Examples in their math notebooks
    • Reminder: students on the Accelerated Track are expected to maintain an average of 85% for each trimester

    Homework for Block 4:

    Monday - workbook page 318

    Tuesday - Study all general forms of Linear Equations (See table in math notebook)

    Wednesday - 13.5-13.7 online practice quiz

    Thursday - Ch, 13 Practice Test

    Friday - Ch. 13 Test tentatively planned for today but may move ahead to Monday (based on class progress)