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    Welcome to Mr. Mack's Homepage!

    Hard Work   *   Dedication   *    Focus   *   Perserverance
    Email ID: pmack
    I'm really looking forward to working with you this year! We will be doing lots of reading with partners and individually, and discussing our thoughts about what we've read. It should be very interesting to hear your thoughts about all of the books, articles, and other readings we will do. I can't wait! 
    Here's the answer to a question you're probably asking yourself. The question is:

     What will I need for the first week of school in your class? The answer is below:
    • pencils
    • erasers
    • a thin tipped Sharpie marker
    • a composition notebook
    • a three ring binder
    • three pocket folders
    • a small manual pencil sharpener (or three)
    We won't be using many of these supplies I listed above on the first day, or even the second day, but if you could have these supplies by the end of the first week, it would be great!
    Below are two more frequently asked questions. Please take a look at them. 

    What should I study for tests?

    That's a very good question. For Social Studies, you should re-read any materials we've studied in class, review the packet containing the work you did in class, and create flash cards for the vocabulary words and important events of the chapter. You should basically be reviewing every night.

    For Language Arts, study any vocabulary words from the novel or readings we've done in class and write down notes about the things that you imagine as you read, questions that pop into your head as you read, things you find funny or comical about the book, or any other thoughts that you have as you are reading. That way when we have discussions about the books you'll have lots to share with the class!
    When should I start to study for tests?

    Wow, another good question! You should start studying right now! Start studying yesterday! Study every night. Nothing should be unfamiliar to you by the day of the test. It's much easier to review a little bit every night than it is to try to cram in all the studying the night before your test. Trust me. Study a little bit every night and you should do fine.