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    Violin Row
    Welcome to Orchestra!
    Name: Susan Sullivan (Guckin)
    Email ID: ssulliva
    Voicemail: 908-284-7650 ext.5020

    The Orchestra & Band Program Have Not Started Yet.

    Virtual Learning Updated Information:

    • Lessons will take place on the usual 6 day cycle.
    • It will be only 1 day of lessons per cycle.
    • We will not have full group orchestra rehearsals.
    • Orchestra rehearsal days will used for extra help/support. 
    • Zoom links & Google Classroom codes can be found on the Huskies' House


    •        Sixth Grade Lessons
    •       Friday, September 11 (Day 4)
    •       Homeroom teachers have the lesson schedule.
    •       Check in with your homeroom teacher for your lesson day.
    •       If you have a day 4 lesson, I will see you on Friday this
    •      week.

                Fifth Grade Lessons:

    •    Friday, September 18 (Day 3)
    •    Homeroom teachers will inform students of
    •    the lesson start date & lesson day.
    •    Please rent your instrument and purchase your lesson book.




     Music helps us grow in many ways. 

       Emotionally, mentally, academically, and beyond.

    How is playing an instrument helping you grow today?