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    Welcome to Colette Baills' Homepage

    Name: Colette Baills
    Email ID: cbaills 
    Phone Number: 284-5100

    Welcome to my home page!
    During on-line learning times, please feel free to email me if you have any questions,
    concerns or need to speak with me. :)
    Helpful Links:
    Click here to watch the Harrassment, Intimidation & Bullying video for students: Student HIB video  
    Click here to fill out a pass to see Ms. Baills: Pass to see Ms. Baills
    Click here to access the Counseling Corner:JPC Counseling Corner
    Click here to view Ms. Baills' Question and Answer Sheet: Question & Answer Sheet


    Link to the directions for making your virtual locker: Virtual Locker Directions

    Link to the google doc that you will share your finished locker to: Virtual Locker Google Sheet


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    Please visit the following site for helfpul information about your child and his/her years at the middle school, as well as high school scheduling information. J.P. Case Counseling Page