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    Dan Schultz
    7th and 8th Grade Orchestra, Music Technology
    This page includes necessary information needed for participation in the orchestra program. Much of our information has migrated to our in-district Google sites website, requiring a student login. 

    Instruments can be rented for the year from Hunterdon Musical Instruments. https://www.hunterdon-music.com/

    Class Rehearsal: Our groups rehearse every other day, please have your instrument on most days unless told otherwise.

    Lessons: Each student is required to attend one lesson per week during DEAR. The lesson schedule will have violin lessons on Monday and Tuesdays, Viola on Wednesday, Cello on Thursday, and String Bass meets on Fridays in B133. A schedule will be posted and given to you. 

    Instrument Storage: Each violin and viola student will be given a music locker in B124, some students will share with another student. 

    PracticeFirst Assignments:  Students will periodically have performance assignments in Music First. Each student will have an account set up.