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    Ms. Amy Lopez                                                                                      
    8th Grade School Counselor 
    E-mail ID: alopez4                                                
    (908) 284-5110
    Follow Mrs. Lopez on Twitter @MrsLopezJPC                                                                                             
    Ms. Colette Baills
    7th Grade School Counselor
    E-mail ID: cbaills
    (908) 284-5109
    Follow Ms. Baills on Twitter @MsBaills 
     Couseling Corner LINK BELOW!


    Welcome to our School Counselor's website! Here are some of the events of the year:  During the first full week of school, both Counselors will provide an assembly to discuss the difference between aggressive behavior and natural conflict between friends and the important difference in how each should be handled.  
    Week of Respect will be held the week of October 5th.  Be on the lookout for a parent letter of all the events for that special week..
    Red Ribbon Week will be held the week of October 23rd.  Be on the lookout for a parent letter of all of the events for that special week.
    The counselors would like to share just some of the activities provided for your child in the Counseling Office during the course of their school year here at J.P. Case:
    STARTING THE YEAR OFF RIGHT:  Ms. Baills and Mrs. Lopez will meet with each of their 400+ students in their grade level in thier homerooms or tutorials to start building or continue building a relationship with their students.  The discussion will include how to request to see your counselor, the issue of confidentiality, and areas of support available to all students in the counseling office.  This usually takes the counselors four to six weeks time.
    Throughout the school year, a variety of topics will be presented to the 7th and 8th grade during DEAR by Ms. Baills and Mrs. Lopez to help students achieve success.
    LUNCH BUNCH GROUPS: Lunch Bunch groups will meet on Thursdays or Fridays.  If you feel your child would benefit from a group experience at some point in the year, please contact your child’s counselor.
    ONE ON ONE MEETINGS:  One on one meetings result for a variety of reasons.  Students may need assistance regarding peer relations, homework completion, choices, along with many other issues arising during the middle school years. Confidential referral to community services and agencies is also available.  Contact anyone in the counseling department for more information.
    THE TREE of KINDNESS:  J.P. Case Art Teacher, Cate Sewall, designed the JPC Counseling Department KINDNESS TREE.  A number of students along with a teaching intern brought the tree to life with their artistic paint work.  Students have been informed that they can be nominated for a leaf on the Tree of Kindness for their random acts of kindness.  We hope to see this tree blossom abundantly as teachers nominate students for their kind works throughout the school year.
    VIOLENCE AWARENESS WEEK   Students will be given an opportunity to focus on Random Acts of Kindness they could do to positively impact their environment and world while sharing important statistics impacting our community, state, country, and world
    RED RIBBON WEEK is a drug and alcohol prevention week.   Many activities are scheduled throughout the week which are designed to enhance knowledge of alcohol and drug use consequences and resist peer pressure.
    PEER LEADERS will be identified by their 7th grade teachers and counselor.  Not only will these peer leaders participate in leadership roles assisting counseling activities, they will receive important training to help have a positive impact on the school environment.  Our current 8th grade peer leaders will be assisting with the new student orientation, Back to School Night, and Morning Announcements including Project Wisdom lessons.
    HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULING for the 8th grade will start in January.  Keep a look out for mailings, parent nights, student activities, and website announcements from Mrs. Lopez  and Ms. Baills.
    INTERNET SAFETY:This will be a presentation provided for students during their school day as well as a parent presentation.  It is important that everyone know how to manage technology safely and within the law.
    COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Throughout the year, students will be provided opportunities to make a difference around the corner and around the world.
    SPARK (Students Promoting Acceptance Respect & Kindness) CLUB:  The purpose of this group is to promote kindness and sensitivity across the J.P. Case Middle School Community.  This setting also provides students the opportunity to process their experiences often "sparking" the idea for action needed within the building. Studnets in both 7th and 8th grade are invited to join. SPARK meets on Mondays during Lunch and DEAR.