Syllabus for R.F.I.S. World Languages


    Course Title: 5th Grade Spanish (full year course)           Teachers: Miss S. Smith

                  6th Grade French/Spanish (half year each)             Ms. L. Ziminski


    Program Description:The foreign language program is designed to promote learning in a sequential manner organized from the most basic to more complex skills. The curriculum capitalizes on the student’s natural desire to communicate and emphasizes active student participation. As our students strive to master the basic skills of a foreign language, they will also gain an appreciation of other people and other cultures.



    Course Content:

    • Reasons to learn a new language
    • Cognates
    • Greetings, farewells, dialogues
    • Numbers to 60
    • Telling time
    • Objects in the classroom
    • People in the school
    • Days of the week
    • Months and seasons
    • Alphabet and spelling
    • Likes/dislikes
    • Descriptive Adjectives
    • Gender of adjectives
    • Geography
    • Colors
    • Family
    • Subject pronouns
    • Weather
    • Body parts
    • Clothes


    Sample Learning Outcomes (What the student should know and be able to do):

    The student will be able to (from Bloom’s Taxonomy):

    • Knowledge: Say the word in French or Spanish when given the English equivalent.
    • Comprehension: Understand the meaning of basic foreign words and phrases.
    • Application: Use the language to communicate.
    • Synthesis: Create a dialogue.

    Sample Teaching Strategies for Instruction:

    • Cooperative Learning Activities
    • Games
    • Teacher modeling and repetition
    • Dialogues
    • Total Physical Response (TPR)


    Sample Evaluation and Assessment Tools (grading procedures):

    • Evaluation of oral participation
    • Quizzes: oral and written
    • Homework assignments
    • Evaluation of oral and written presentations
    • Class preparation


    List of Resources to be used for Instruction:

    • Teacher created textbooks
    • Paso a Paso
    • C’est a Toi
    • Teacher made materials
    • Curriculum Guide