• Program Description for 5th and 6th grade World Language Classes
    Please also see Course Content/Syllabus page for more course information and specific topics to be covered. 

    Students will listen to others, read, write and speak our world language and study our target culture in many ways (videos, audio tapes, skits, songs, games, lectures, books, magazines, and communicative activities). We will work in pairs, small groups, whole class, and individually. However, all report card grades are based on individual effort and progress.   Classes meet once every six days for 64 minutes, full year for fifth grade and half year each language in sixth grade.

    In 5th grade, students will only receive instruction in Spanish.  In 6th grade, students will receive instruction in both Spanish and French.  At the end of 6th grade, students will choose one language for full year study in both 7th and 8th grade.  This study will be equivalent to level 1 of the language at Hunterdon Central High School.

    Our textbooks are teacher made and School Board approved.  Textbooks will be kept in the classroom and not taken home.  Any notes and/or materials needed for homework will be handed out for students to take home and/or posted to their Google Classroom.