• Reading-Fleming Intermediate School

    World Languages Department

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

               The following information tells about what your child’s experience will be like in our World Language class for both 5th and 6th grades.  Please review the following. Contact me with any questions.


      1. To communicate in a language in addition to English
      2. To develop awareness of world cultures

    Typical class:

    Our class will meet one day in the six day Related arts rotation.  Students will take Spanish for their entire 5th grade year and both Spanish and French in their 6th grade year, each for half the year.  The activities are designed to develop communication skills, including listening, speaking, writing, some reading, and world cultures awareness.  

    Daily objectives and assignments develop, challenge, and reinforce the students’ knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and critical thinking skills in the target language.

    Informal assessment: Teacher observation daily

    Formal assessment:  

    Quizzes                           50% of trimester grade

    Independent work            25% of trimester grade

    Classwork/Participation     25% of trimester grade    

    Parents will be notified by the teacher if your child is in danger of failing for the trimester. Teacher will communicate with parents via email and ClassDojo about special events, class happenings, and individual student progress. Check ParentPortal for grading information.


    Homework is assigned each class.  It is normally due during our next class, unless otherwise stated.  It usually consists of studying or completion of worksheet activities.  Students will also receive online google classroom assignments each cycle.  It is always beneficial for the students to practice with friends or family members.  

    When absent, please check with a classmate or Srta. Smith’s website for homework.  For makeup homework, please refer to the Flemington-Raritan Regional School District Calendar and Student Handbook.  Parents can help their child every night by asking, “What are two things you learned in class today?” and “Let me see your homework.”  If a student is absent from class, the assignment will be due next cycle. If a student comes to class without his/her homework, they will receive a 0 for the assignment.  Students can also access daily homework assignments by checking my website, which can be accessed through the RFIS school webpage.  Please refer to my website for other information as well.

    Every so often, Srta. Smith will email parents to announce quizzes or special events happening in class.  I will be using the email address(es) provided in Genesis to create distribution lists. Please be sure the contact information is up to date in Genesis.

    Please refer to separate ClassDojo handout for information on this tool I will also be using to communicate with you about your child's work habits in class. Points will be awarded every class and this will constitute your child’s participation grade for our class each trimester.

    How to reach me:

    E-mail:  ssmith2 AT frsd.k12.nj.us (easiest way to reach me)

    Thank you,

    Ms. Shannan Smith