• Mrs. Casterline's Blogs
    Independent reading
    Throughout our units this year, you will have the opportunity to blog back and forth with your classmates about specific topics relating to the literature we are reading in class.
       Some rules for blogging:
    * This is a discussion forum- everyone has the right to an opinion as long as it's supported.  If you disagree with a classmate, you should do so without criticizing or insulting.
    * DO NOT use your name or the names of your classmates when signing-in or when responding.
    * Your posting can be viewed by many individuals, therefore, it should be grammatically correct and should have few spelling errors.
    * When blogging is assigned, it should be completed in a timely fashion (just like all other homework).  Yes, most of the blogs WILL count as a grade!
    * "Do not post and consider yourself done"- this means that when blogging is assigned, it requires you to read what has been posted, respond to other postsAND  post your own thoughts.  It is not enough to post your thoughts without interacting with the other posts that are on-line.
    * All blogs will be previewed by the teacher before they are posted.  Anyone who inappropriately uses this tool will not be permitted to engage in the activities that require blogging.