• Some frequently asked questions about homework...



    What is the purpose of homework?

    The purpose of homework is to allow students to practice and apply skills that have been taught in class. In some cases, students may be asked to complete homework assignments that provide a starting point for the next class or concept.

    When is homework due?

    Homework is assigned nightly and is due the class period after it is assigned (unless otherwise stated).

    Am I responsible for homework if I'm absent?

    Yes! If you are absent from class you are required to pick up your absentee packet from the absentee bin on your first day back to school. For example: If you are absent from language arts on Monday (an A day) but are present in school on Tuesday (a B day) you are still responsible for completing the homework that is due for class on Wednesday.

    Will my homework be graded?

    Homework will be checked daily. Some assignments will be given point values while others may only be checked for completion.

    Where can I verify a homework assignment that I have copied down?

    The class website is the perfect place to confirm and verify assignments and their due dates. 




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