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     Welcome to the FAD Parent-Teacher Organization
    Mission Statement
     "For the welfare of the child, our PTO works to promote good will, encourage interest in educational matters, develop a closer cooperation between teachers and parents and provide an opportunity for cultural and recreational benefits."

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!!

    We are launching a new website/app called My School Anywhere. This is launching across the district and we are so excited to streamline all this info!

    Here is the link to the information page and it is also posted on Virtual Backpack. I am sure there will be questions as this is new to everyone. Please don't hesitate to ask.




    ★ FYI ★ You are prompted to enter your family information and membership payment prior to having access to the whole site. This process will ensure that only Desmares families have access to our calendar and event information. Therefore, you will need to wait until your membership is confirmed before having access to the
    calendar, directory, volunteer opportunities, etc. This we cannot change. You will need to get your login information and then re enter the site.

    Questions - fadpto@gmail.com 





Last Modified on August 14, 2018