• The Board is made up of nine members; seven represent Raritan Township and two represent Flemington Borough.
    The year each member's term expires is indicated below, along with their district e-mail ID. 
    2024 Board of Education Members
    Flemington Borough 

    Jeffrey Cain - (2024)
    E-mail ID: jeffrey.cain
    Tiffany Jarrett (2025)
    E-mail ID: tiffany.jarrett
    Raritan Township
    Jaclyn Arce (2026) - Vice President
    E-mail ID: jaclyn.arce

    Dr. William Bentley (2026)
    E-mail ID: william.bentley

    Ryan Birkenstock (2026)
    E-mail ID: ryan.birkenstock
    Lilian Colpas (2025)
    E-mail ID: lilian.colpas
    Gina Criscitiello (2025)
    E-mail ID: gina.criscitiello
    Michelle Hurley (2024) - President
    E-mail ID: michelle.hurley
    Laurie Markowski (2024)
    E-mail ID: laurie.markowski
    2024 Board of Education Committees

    Instruction and Program: Jaclyn Arce, Dr. William Bentley, Lilian Colpas*, Laurie Markowski
    Operations: Ryan Birkenstock, Gina Criscitiello, Michelle Hurley*
    Personnel: Gina Criscitiello*, Tiffany Jarrett, Laurie Markowski
    Policy: Jaclyn Arce*, Jeff Cain, Michelle Hurley
    Transportation: Dr. William Bentley, Ryan Birkenstock, Jeff Cain, Michelle Hurley (ex-officio)


     In an effort to control SPAM, our district no longer provides direct links to staff e-mail accounts.
    To e-mail employees, please use firstname.lastname@frsd.us

Last Modified on April 8, 2024