5th and 6th Grade Chorus
    Singing is a very personal art form.  It gives students an opportunity, not available from any other activity, to express themselves through music that comes from inside.  Our program seeks to guide students in understanding the value of such an activity.  We give them the tools to develop their personal best singing voice and help them understand that their ultimate goal is the joy of singing in a group.  Through choral singing, students create connections to other students, to our culture and history, to cultures around the world, to their audience, and to themselves.
    All students who wish to sing in chorus may do so!!! 
    Procedure for discontinuing your involvement in chorus:
    Students who wish to "drop out" of chorus may do so only at these designated times: 
    • 5th graders - after the first concert (last week of January) or at the end of the year (in June, in anticipation for 6th grade)
    • 6th graders - after the first concert (last week of January) 
    These times are designated in order to protect the continuity of the group learning and curriculum as well as out of respect for the very complicated scheduling process. Just as students would not quit a soccer team, for instance, in the middle of a season, choral students are expected to complete our concert season before asking to change their schedules.  All drops require written permission (on paper or email) from a parent.
    New Jersey Honor Choir Information
    Signed permission slips are due by Friday, November 15, 2019.
    Any current chorus member may audition for the NJ Elementary Honor Choir.  Auditioning students choose to try out either as a Treble 1 (slightly higher), Treble 2 (in the middle), or Treble 3 (slightly lower), depending on what is most comfortable for each student's voice. Student auditions will be recorded by Ms. Marsh and include the following parts:
    1. Vocalise 1 (on "ah") - this is a 5-note scale, up and down, in the lower part of your voice
    2. Vocalise 2 (on "ah") - this is a 5-note scale, up and down, in the higher part of your voice
    3. Excerpt from an assigned folk song - 2019-2020: "Loch Lomond"
    Documents you may need:
    Music you need to practice:      *Remember, you must PRACTICE THIS MUSIC ON YOUR OWN!!
    • Videos for the vocalise scales are posted below.
    •  The rehearsal tracks for "Loch Lomond" are located here (scroll down to the bottom and read carefully to make sure you are listening to the correct track): Loch Lomond
    For each vocalise scale, pitches are one-beat long, except the 5th one, which is held for 3 beats with a rest on beat 4.
    TIPS:  Do not rush.  Use a nice, TALL and FORWARD sound.  Practice singing through phrases on one long breath. If you are having trouble, practice while lying on the floor on your back.
Last Modified on December 31, 2019