• Mrs. Casterline's Class Rules




    When IN Class, we should strive to do the following: 

    1.) Demonstrate respect for the teacher, yourself, and each other 

    2.) NO GUM or CANDY is permitted in class.

    3.) All students are expected to arrive to class on time.

    4.) Please raise your hand when you wish to contribute to the class.

    5.) Push in your chair and straighten your desk before leaving

    the room.

    6.) Charge your Chromebook EVERY night.

    7.) Come to class prepared with completed work and appropriate supplies. 

    8.) Cell phones are NOT permitted in class. They should be kept in your locker until the end of the day.  Phone calls that need to be made during the day should be made in the main office.  

    9.) Ear buds are NOT permitted in the classroom OR in the hallways.  Ear buds used for academic purposes in the classroom are acceptable.





    grades grades grds


    All grades will be calculated using a point system. Grades are

    determined by dividing the total number of points earned by the

    the total number of points available. All grades will be posted in Genesis in a timely manner.  


    150 points earned = 50%

    300 points available



    All assignments are due when indicated.  However, assignments that aren't completed on the due date can be turned in the following class block for reduced credit. For example: If an assignment was due on 9/12 and it was not turned in, the student has until 9/14 to turn the assignment in.  This essentially gives the student two extra days to complete work.  No work will be accepted after the grace period. 


    *PLEASE NOTE* Some assignments will NOT be given this grace period.  For example, there are some assignments that are used for instruction and are corrected in class.  Assignments that meet this criteria CAN NOT be made up.