• Mrs. Casterline's Virtual and In-Class Rules




    When IN Class, we should strive to do the following: 

    1.) Demonstrate respect for the teacher, yourself, and each other.

    2.) NO GUM or CANDY is permitted in class.

    3.) All students are expected to arrive to class on time.

    4.) Please raise your hand when you wish to contribute to the class.

    5.) Push in your chair and straighten your desk before leaving

    the room.

    6.) Charge your Chromebook EVERY night.

    7.) Come to class prepared.


    When in a VIRTUAL setting, we should strive to do the following:

    1.)Establish and follow a daily routine that is similar to what would be done if you were physically going to school (ex. a set bed time, a set wake-up time, etc.).

    2.) Designate a working space with ALL materials that you will need.  This should be an area where there is little to no distractions. Your bed is not an appropriate workspace.  

    3.) Charge your Chromebook EVERY night. 

    4.) Come to class prepared (materials, work, chromebook, head phones).

    5.)Join your Zoom sessions a few minutes early. DO NOT wait until the exact time you are supposed to report in case there are technological issues. 

    Zoom rules are as follows: 

      a.)Stay muted and listen when others are speaking.  Unmute yourself only when you are contributing or when the teacher asks you to do so.

      b.)Keep your camera on during the meeting.

      c.)Make sure all the materials you will need for class are in close proximity to your work space.

      d.)Dress, act and behave appropriately for a classroom setting.

      e.)Show up on time and ready to learn (attendance WILL be taken). 

      f.) Raise your hand and wait to be called on when you want to speak. 

      g.)Be respectful of your teacher(s) and your classmates. 

      h.)All other devices should be turned off (ex. cellphone, TVs, etc.).




    grades grades grds


    All grades will be calculated using a point system. Grades are

    determined by dividing the total number of points earned by the

    the total number of points available. All grades will be posted in Genesis in a timely manner.  


    150 points earned = 50%

    300 points available