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    Welcome to the Francis A. Desmares' Music Homepage

    Cassandra Kiesling, Music Teacher
    Email ID: ckieslin 

     Phone Number: (908) 284-7540

    Kindergarten Virtual Music Class - April 1

    Use the Google Slide presentation linked above to enjoy a virtual music class comprised of many of the elements we do in our music classes on a weekly basis. For each component of the lesson, there are several choices. Students do not need to do all of them at once. Instead they should just choose 1-2 from each part of the lesson. Below is a summary of the lesson components and some directions for various activities. Students should already know what to do for most of these because we have done a majority of them in class before. After they finish their 20 minutes of music, have them answer a few questions in the Google Form here so I know they have completed the lesson: Google Form

    1) Keeping the Beat: Move to the beat with various body parts along with the recorded music

    2) Pitch exploration: warm-up your voices for singing

    * Whale Sounds: Use your humming voice to sing like the whale in the recording

    * Elevators: Move your body high/low like you are traveling to different floors on an elevator (1-10). Make your voice slide up and down on an "ooo" sound to match your elevator movements

    * Roller Coasters: Trace the shape of the roller coaster with your finger as you slide your voice up and down on an "ooo" sound to match the shape of the roller coaster. Try riding the roller coaster backwards too!

    3) Echo Songs: Students listen and then echo the singer

    4) Simple Songs: Students sing along with the recording, then try singing the song independently

    5) Movement Exploration: Listen to the music and move to match how it feels or what the title says (inside a bubble, moving through a room full of jello, fast/slow, etc...)

    6) Movement for Expression: Students sing or say the poem with the hand motions we've learned in class

    7) Songtale: Students listen quietly to a story song


    First Grade Online Music Lesson - April 2

    Click the link above to access the musicplay website (note that a login is no longer necessary). Scroll down and look for the "Online Learning" tab (in blue) on the left column. Choose "Grade 1 Lesson 1." Students will follow the directions to complete the virtual music class. If students cannot complete the entire lesson in the allotted 20 minutes of time, that's ok. Afterwards, have your child fill out the Google Form below so I can see that they have completed the assignment: Google Form


    This week 2nd graders will continue to practice their note naming on the music staff. Remember that the musical alphabet only uses the notes A-G. Above is a link to a PDF with 3 note naming worksheets for students to print and complete. On the first two pages students should draw in the note on the music staff to match the letter give. One page is all line notes and another is all space notes. On the last page, students should name the letter of each note pictured on the music staff. Please take a picture of the completed assignment and submit it to me via e-mail: ckieslin@frsd.k12.nj.us
    If students do not have access to a printer to print and complete the above linked worksheets, please visit the following website to review note names on the staff with a matching game: Freddie the Frog Note Name Review Students who complete the worksheets may also visit this link for additional practice if desired. Students can try the following three games:
    1) The Thump in the Night
    2) The Secret of Crater Island
    3) Treble Clef Island

    Third Grade Music Online Learning - April 6

    Click the link above to access the musicplay website. Scroll down and look for the "Online Learning" tab (in blue) on the left column. Choose "Grade 4 Lesson 2." Students will follow the directions to complete steps 1-7 ONLY of the virtual music class. Here are a few notes to simplify the activities and keep the lesson around the 20 minute mark:
    • For step 1, students should only play level 6 of the game (since level 7 has some rhythms students are not familiar with)
    • To save time in Step 5, students can listen to the song and only need to learn to sing the first line (the "Toembaii" section). Have them sing this section on repeat along with the recording (we call this an ostinato--a pattern that repeats).

    After completing the lesson, have your child take a video of themselves performing their ostinato from step 6 while singing the "Toembaii" melody so I can see that they have completed the assignment. Videos can be uploaded on my flipgrid here but in order to join, students will need to log into their school google account @frsd.us -- Please e-mail me if you have any problems with this process.

    Fourth Grade Music Online Learning
    The 4th Grade Online Learning assignments will be posted directly to my Google Classroom where students have already been working on their study of the orchestra. The individual classrooms for each teacher are linked below. In order to view the content and have access to the classroom, students must be signed into their school Google account using their @frsd.us ID and school password. Please e-mail me if you have any issues logging in.
    Music Notes
    Flemington-Raritan School District's Philosophy of Music Education

    Music engages the human spirit, and expresses the inexpressible. In addition, history demonstrates music's value in all civilization. Our school district believes it is critical to provide children with ongoing opportunities to grow musically. Our curriculum addresses aesthetic awareness and creativity, music knowledge, and technical competence in preparation for lifelong involvement in music. We work to enhancechildren's understanding of themselves and the people of the world through their art. To accomplish these goals, the Flemington-Raritan Regional School District provides students with meaningful ongoing opportunities in general music, choral music and instrumental music.