Thank you, voters! Both questions passed!
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    Referendum work is continuing. There is great progress at Barley Sheaf Elementary School on the roofwork. The flopped and flat areas on the Barley Sheaf Elementary School roof have been receiving extra attention.  The electrician has begun delivery of materials at BS, RH, FAD, and RFIS for the electrical upgrades. 
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    Below are photos of new trees that were planted at Robert Hunter School.
    tree1  tree13

    Referendum work continues despite school closures. This week began tree removals from Robert Hunter Elementary School and Barley Sheaf Elementary School.  Originally tree removal was scheduled for the week of spring break but due to crane operator scheduling difficulty the work was moved to this week.  Both courtyard trees were removed from Robert Hunter and stumps are being grinded away.  Replacement trees, much smaller in size, will be planted.  Restoration of the site with new sod and three new trees at the rear of Robert Hunter Elementary School must wait for a little drier weather- hopefully next week.

    One exterior tree was removed from Barley Sheaf Elementary School and one tree in the courtyard, for a total of two trees removed from the Barley Sheaf site.  Two trees in the courtyard were pruned away from the roof, all supported by the referendum passing! Our facilities are going to be in tip-top shape by the culmination of the referendum work. The tree removal company is well experienced but nonetheless, Paul Graebener, (pronounced Gray-ben-er) Project Manager of the referendum work, was on site along with Mr. Shumate, and members of the team.  

    Below are a few photos of the tree removal that proved to be somewhat nail-biting as the large branches swung precariously overtop Robert Hunter Elementary School.




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