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    Apps can be a fun way to help your child practice their skills. Here are some of my favorites, tested by my favorite audience--my kiddos! Please know that I only select apps that are free. (Please let me know if an app is no longer free, as this has happened from time to time. I never want parents to feel compelled to purchase an app.) I'm always looking to add to my app collection. I would greatly appreciate any educational suggestions!        
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       ~TabTale Stories (This is a series that kiddos just LOVE! There are a variety of stories in this series, that can be individually downloaded. There are books for everyone, from shapes and colors to classics, like The Wizard of Oz and The Elves and the Shoemaker. These apps allow children to listen to the story or read themselves. Please remember, even 'readers' should enjoy listening to stories. This helps build their fluency and expression!)
    ~StoryChimes Stories (This is another series, also allowing children to read themselves or to listen. The stories I have read from this series tend to have more advanced vocabulary. These are more suitable for Third and Fourth Graders.) 
    ~TimeReading (This contains reading passages from Kindergarten through 4th Grade. These are times as the child reads. Please remember, when your child has finished reading, ask them to tell you about the story. Fluent reading is wonderful, but kiddos also need to be reading for meaning!)
     ~Keyword Comprehension (Kindergarten level)
    ~StoryKit (Kiddos can create their very own storybook with this app by adding text and images.)
    ~Toontastic (Kiddos can use their creativity to build and animate stories of their own.)
    ~Picturebook (Kiddos can create their own book.)
    ~JumbledSentences3 (Given words, kiddos put them in order to make sentences) 
    ~Things to Think About (These are great prompts to get kiddos writing!) 
    ~Write About This (Not only does this provide writing prompts, but it allows kiddos to take pictures and record their ideas.)
    ~WORDUS2 (A game where you guess a word based on the number of letters it contains and clues.)
    ~MISS SPELL'S CLASS (Kiddos test their spelling against commonly misspelled words.)
    ~Abc Pocket Phonics: (Practice letter writing as well as building small words.)
    ~Bluster (This has a variety of levels and activities-kiddos love this app!)
    ~Chicktionary (This is a 'making words' activity that kiddos ask to play all the time!)
    ~Phonics Genius (This provides kiddos with word patterns--great for all ages!)
    ~Grammar Jammers (From Reading Street)
    ~Tic Tac Toe Phonics (from Lakeshore)
    ~Same Sound Spellbound (Homophone Practice)
    ~SBSpelling (There are different levels and lists to help children practice high frequency words.)
    ~Rocket Speller (This is more appropriate for younger learners.)
    ~Sight Words (This has lists from preschool through 3rd grade)