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  • Welcome to Francis A. Desmares School! 

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    Mark Masessa, Principal                  Mary Jane Custy, Vice Principal

    Francis A. Desmares Elementary School is committed to providing all students in grades K-4 with an academically challenging program in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Our staff members work in partnership with the Flemington-Raritan community to provide a differentiated approach to learning that prepares students for success in an ever-changing world.

    Through our curriculum, we focus on helping children to develop critical thinking skills in all academic areas while meeting their needs socially and emotionally.  We encourage students to become problem solvers and generate solutions through an inquiry-based approach to learning and a workshop approach to teaching Reading and Writing skills.  Our staff is committed to helping students learn the skills necessary to succeed in life.  Francis A. Desmares School is a place where students will develop many life-long learning skills, including how to get along with others.  We are a diverse community of learners from various backgrounds and experiences.  Our students learn a great deal from one another.  We stress each and every day how our decisions, words, and actions impact others. 

    At Francis A. Desmares School, we expect that students Respect themselves and one another, develop individual Responsibility, demonstrate Self-Esteem and Pride, show Compassion, develop Diligence and Perseverance, demonstrate Tolerance and show Patience, are Honest and Fair, learn Cooperation and Good Sportsmanship, are Loyal citizens, and have the Courage to stand up for themselves and others.  


    Francis A. Desmares School Vision Statement

    At Francis A. Desmares School, we provide a child-centered environment that fosters curiosity and the opportunity for students to reach their full potential. We are committed to creating an educational and social atmosphere that respects the uniqueness of children. We seek to develop caring, lifelong learners who are responsible, productive citizens of our community.

    Mark Masessa
    E-mail ID: mark.masessa

    Mary Jane Custy
    Vice Principal

    E-mail ID: maryjane.custy

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