Unit Overviews 

    Architectural Unit. 

    Over the course of several classes, students will explore architectural design and interior design concepts.

    They will work individually on their projects, then help peers by offering feedback on each others designs. 

    Students will use https://www.houseplans.com/ an online collection of thousands of architectural plans to view as examples.

    They will use https://floorplanner.com/ an online app to design their houses.

    Robotics Unit. 

    Students will experiment and learn about robots and programming using Vex IQ robotics systems.https://sites.google.com/frsd.us/robotunitinstructions/lesson-10-bumper-sensor

    The Vex system has differing products and programming applications for every age. The IQ system provides opportunities to code in block, python and C+ languages. Students will be challenged to program at the level of ability they have. 

    S.T.E.M Design Unit. 

    Students are given a design task where they will have a range of possible building projects to choose from. For this project they will investigate the transfer of energy using a variety of simple machines, then calculate mechanical advantage.  The unit will also provide students with the opportunity to explore other science principals depending on the type of project they select to build, design and redesign.

    Students will be encouraged to use fabrication equipment to design custom components for their projects. 

    Impact of Technology on Society Unit.

    Students will explore the impact of technology on their life and the world around them. The project will include conducting research independently, group discussions and designing a presentation.